Helping International Students Find English-Taught Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs at Japanese Universities


UNIV. IN JAPAN is committed to providing information on "English-taught university degree programs" in Japan and to supporting study abroad students in Japan.

The Japanese government is currently extending its University program degrees in English, also known as "English programs" in hopes to develop internationally competent human resources in today's increasingly global world.

At UNIV. IN JAPAN, we promote English programs offered in Japan's most prestigious universities to support study abroad students pursue their studies at these prestigious universities and research institutions.

We provide you with the three following features:

Filter your search and find the best match

If you use our filter-by-category search, you will be able to visualize detailed information concerning your university of choice in a clearly presented table/chart. You can search for universities by category: subject, location, class commence, etc. Furthermore, the comparison function will allow you to draw comparisons between various English programs and universities.

The chart will display relevant information only

The volume of information displayed on universities’ official homepages can be overwhelming and prove difficult to grasp for students considering applying for a university degree.

At UNIV. IN JAPAN, we provide the most important pieces of information to the aspiring students and therefore partially relieve them from this time-consuming task. Furthermore, displaying such a large amount of information regarding universities and each English program in a summary format will prove extremely useful.

Find essential information regarding studying in Japan as a foreigner

Other than information regarding universities and English programs, we also provide information on aspects such as housing, Japan entry, costs of living, visa application procedures and admission requirements. UNIV. IN JAPAN goes a stage further in guiding your every step until admission.


University and program information, costs, dates, policies are subject to change; please confirm important facts with university admission personnel.