Helping International Students Find English-Taught Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs at Japanese Universities


Admission Requirements for English-Taught Programs in Japanese Universities

Find out what kind of diplomas or standardized tests you need to enter an English-based program at a Japanese university.

English Language Summer Programs at Japanese Universities

A list of English-taught summer programs and short-term programs offered by Japanese universities.

Extracurricular Activities at Japanese Universities

This article describes one of the major aspects of students life in Japan: its "clubs" and "circles".

Housing in Japan

Learn various ways of finding lodgings in Japan so as to best prepare for your study abroad experience.

Japanese Cuisine

Read all you need to know about Japanese cuisine and eating on a budget in Japan.

Shūkatsu: Job-Hunting in Japan

All you need to know about job-hunting in Japan: from entry forms to applications and interviews.

Survey: International Students on Studying Abroad in Japan

Current and prospective study abroad students in Japan participated to this survey in order to let us know why they chose Japan, what the process was like, etc.

Why Choose Japan

Discover some of the most appealing aspects of studying in Japan (scholarships, cutting-edge technology and high standards in research, etc.).


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