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Hiroshima Jogakuin University

Type of Institution Established No. of Students
Private College was established in 1949 (Hiroshima Jogakuin Foundation was founded in 1886)

Hiroshima Jogakuin Foundation was established in 1886 by a Japanese Christian Minister Teikichi Sunamoto with the support of Methodist Church in the US. The next year, he invited Miss Nanny Gaines, a young missionary from the US, to be the first principal of the institution. She started Early Child Education for women to be kindergarten teachers. Hiroshima Jogakuin Foundation expanded its institution, adding Higher Education in 1949 with Departments of Literature and Home Economics.

In 2012, to cope with urgent needs of global citizenship and women leaders, HJU started a new curriculum in a new structure consisting of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and the Faculty of Human Life Studies (Fashion Design, Architecture, Nutrition, Early Child Education). The total enrollment including international students is approximately 1830.

The five key concepts characterizing HJU are; Christianity, Women, Hiroshima, Peace and Cosmopolitanism. The aim of HJU, from its very beginning, has been to nurture young women with the mind “three Hs” (Head, Hands, and Heart) in accordance with the principles of Christianity. On that basis, HJU encourages students not only to strive for the mastery of academic knowledge and skills for their own career, but also very importantly to nurture themselves for the purpose of serving others.

Small class size
Various scholarship options
Location 4-13-1, Ushita-higashi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima, JAPAN
Religion Christian (Methodist)
No. of Undergraduate Students 1,708
No. of Graduate Students 15
No. of Full-Time Faculty Members 67
No. of International Students 15
Breakdown of International Student Numbers by Country China: 11
Kenya: 2
Malaysia: 1
USA: 1
No. of Countries with Exchange Agreements 6
Individual University Scholarships 1) Hiroshima Jogakuin University Scholarship for International Students
2) Hiroshima Jogakuin University the tuition exemption program for international students
International Student Dormitories HJU Share House,
Neighbor apartments contracted by HJU for exchange students
Japanese Language Education Services
Consultation Room
International Student Associations
Career Support No
Contact Address: Admissions Office
Phone: 082-228-8365
Fax: 082-228-7815

As of September 1, 2013


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