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Hokkaido University

Graduate School of Agriculture

The Special Postgraduate Program in Biosphere Sustainability Science (Master's)

This program provides a unique combination of such study fields as food, health and environment to meet urgent needs in research and development of preservation and sustainable utilization of our limited resources on earth to ensure our quality of life in the future. Due to the nature of the program, the language to be used in all educational and research activities will be English.

Degree Information
Degree Master's
Type of Degree Master of Agriculture
Subject - Agricultural Sciences (Agro-Engineering, Applied Aquatic Science, etc.)
Major Bio-systems Sustainability, Agrobiology, Applied Bioscience, Environmental Resources
Duration 2 years
Entry Date April 1, 2016 / October 1, 2016
Location Kita-9 Nishi-9, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-8589, Japan
Area Hokkaido & Tohoku Region (Sapporo, Sendai, etc.)
Postgraduate Program Started October, 1997
No. of Students 19
No. of Full and Part-Time Faculty Members 79
Tuition Fees For personal funds students,
847,800 yen:
Application fee: 30,000 yen
Tuition: 535,800 yen per year
Entrance fee: 282,000 yen (upon enrollment)
Additional Information This special program is an evolved form of the previous Special Postgraduate Program in Bio-systems Sustainability (2007-2011), which was a successor program of Special Postgraduate Program in Agricultural Chemistry (1997-2006). Until 2012, these programs have produced 109 Ph. Ds.
Admission Information
Admission Capacity Several students will be selected for admission. The special postgraduate program will recommend 5 students as candidates for the Scholarship by the Japanese Government (MONBU KAGAKU SHO) – hereinafter “Scholarship”. The Scholarship will be awarded for two years (no extension allowed).
Apart from the above 5 Scholarship students, students supported by other Japanese Government Scholarship (Embassy Recommendation etc.) will be selected – here “Embassy Recommendation Scholarship”.
Additional students will be selected from those who are on other sort of financial supports – hereinafter “Personal Funds”.
Application Type Open to non-Japanese students only
Eligibility 1. Nationality:
For “Scholarship” and “Embassy Recommendation Scholarship” applicants: Non-Japanese citizen residing outside of Japan of countries to which the Scholarship by the Japanese Government are offered.
For “Personal funds” applicants: Any nationality except Japanese is entitled to apply.
2. Age Limit:
For “Scholarship” and “Embassy Recommendation Scholarship” applicants: Under 35 years old on April 1, 2015, i.e., those who were born after April 2, 1980.
For “Personal funds” applicants: No restriction.
3. Academic Background:
(1) Those who already hold or are expected to receive a Bachelor's degree from a university in a foreign country, or those who already have a Master’s degree in a foreign university.
(2) Students who completed 16 years' education according to the educational ordinance in a foreign country or in Japan, or who is expected to complete 16 years' education in a foreign country.
(3)“Scholarship” and “Personal funds” applicants are required to have a GPA requirement of 2.30 (3.00 as full score) during the last two academic years, which needs to be confirmed by the Graduate School of Agriculture. Applicants are requested to follow advice from your host professors.
4. Health: Those who are certified as both physically and mentally healthy by a qualified and recognized physician.
5. Language: Applicants must be fluent in English.
Application Period For “Scholarship” applicants: December 31, 2015
For “Embassy Recommendation Scholarship” and “Personal Funds” applicants: Late October, 2015 for April entrant; Late May, 2016 for October entrant
Examination Type & Date The applicants will be evaluated based on his/her application documents and the e-mail interview and the successful applicant will be approved as the candidates at the professor meeting of the Special Postgraduate Program. The final decision for admission will be made at the faculty meeting of the Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University.
Presence in Japan Required for Screening Process No
Admission Fee 30,000 yen for personal funds students

As of August 31, 2015


University and program information, costs, dates, policies are subject to change; please confirm important facts with university admission personnel.