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Meiji University

Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences

Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS Ph.D Program)

The education and research guidance at the Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences will be further evolved based on the achievement of the MIMS Ph. D. Program.
In the doctoral program curriculum, Project Study of Proposal Style of Mathematical Sciences I & II will be available in which students will choose research projects to plan and manage by themselves with the support and supervision of MIMS fellows. Moreover, “Project Based Analysis and Research Cluster” and “Inter-Departmental Course” at the Graduate School of Meiji University can be chosen as optional subjects for this course.
In the “Project Based Analysis and Research Cluster”, four subjects – Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences A&B, and Advanced Mathematical Sciences C&D – are provided, which are coordinated by MIMS fellows and research fellows. These subjects are taught in both English and Japanese together with the latest topics of mathematical sciences. The Inter-Departmental Course offer a number of “Multilingual Graduate Research”, such as “Fundamentals of Communication and Seminar Skills in English” and “Fundamentals of Academic Writing Techniques in English”. These subjects, which are taught by native English speaking professors specializing in academic English teaching, are aimed to cultivate highly skilled researchers who will be active worldwide.
Moreover, as an optional curriculum, students are encouraged to study at the graduate school of partner universities (Hiroshima University, Ryukoku University, Shizuoka University) where the credit transfer system and research guidance consignment agreements are available.

Degree Information
Degree Doctoral
Type of Degree Doctor of Mathematical Sciences
Subject - Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (Computational Science, Nano/Micro Science, etc.)
- Mathematical and Physical Sciences (Astronomy, Plasma Science, etc.)
Major Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Simulation
Duration 3 years
Entry Date April 2019
Location Nakano Campus
4-21-1 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8525, Japan
Area Kanto Region (Tokyo, etc.)
Postgraduate Program Started April 2011
No. of Students 191
No. of Full and Part-Time Faculty Members 4
Tuition Fees 1,053,000 yen
Additional Information Global COE Program Research Fellowships will be available to certain number of students who have enrolled in the graduate school, excluding those who are offered the JSPS Research Fellowship and/or other fellowships. (Eligible students will be decided in February.)
Contact Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences
Phone: 03-5343-8042
Fax: 03-5343-8029
Admission Information
Admission Capacity 5 for Mathematical Sciences Program
6 for Frontier Media Science Program
Application Type Open to non-Japanese students only
Eligibility One must hold nationality other than Japan and must have completed primary and secondary education abroad. In addition, one must meet one of the categories mentioned below.
(1) Having graduated from a university with a Bachelors’ Degree (or equivalent), and have been awarded a Master's Degree (or Professional Degree) or will be awarded this by March 31, 2017 from a foreign university.
(2) Having graduated from a university with a Bachelors’ Degree (or equivalent), and have been awarded a Master's Degree (or Professional Degree) or will be awarded this by March 31, 2017 as an international student from a Graduate School in Japan.
(3) One is over the age of 24 as of March 31, 2017, and has been approved through this Graduate School's evaluation of application qualifications as having academic credentials equivalent to or superior to that of a Master's Degree (or Professional Degree).

Please refer to the following site.
Application Period 1) June 11, 2018 to June 22, 2018
2) December 3, 2018 to December 14, 2018
Examination Type & Date 1) July 21, 2018
2) January 27, 2019
Type-A (1) Resarch Presentation (2) Interview
Type-B Document ScreeningDocument Screening
Presence in Japan Required for Screening Process No
Admission Fee Type-A 35,000 yen
Type-B 15,000 yen (excluding bank commissions)

As of October 10, 2018


University and program information, costs, dates, policies are subject to change; please confirm important facts with university admission personnel.