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Rikkyo University

Graduate School of Business

Master of International Business (MIB)

In April 2011, the Graduate School of Business took aim at one of its original educational goals when it launched its English-based Master of International Business Program (MiB) for nurturing researchers and highly-trained experts who will examine business administration in the global era. The MiB provides a unique opportunity to study business:

We are located in the center of Tokyo in one of Japan’s oldest universities, yet we are one of the newest, and aim to be the most innovative, business programs in the region.

We concentrate on business in Japan and Asia yet, when combined with the resources of our network of partner universities throughout the world, our coverage is global.

Our courses are intensive and highly coordinated but we maintain a supportive atmosphere through our system of personalized mentoring for individual students.

We conduct all our classes in English but also offer our students the opportunity to master the Japanese language by participating in the professional programs offered by the Japanese Language Center at Rikkyo University.

Degree Information
Degree Master's
Type of Degree MIB
Subject - Social Sciences (Business, Economics, Law, etc.)
Major International Business
Duration 2 years
Entry Date September 20, 2016
Location 3-34-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-8501, Japan
Area Kanto Region (Tokyo, etc.)
Postgraduate Program Started April 2011
No. of Students 27
No. of Full and Part-Time Faculty Members 24
Tuition Fees 914,500 yen (569, 750 yen for the time of enrollment + 344, 750 yen for the second semester)
Additional Information We are diverse as individuals yet inclusive as a group.

The MiB student body comprises of individuals from across the globe – from Europe to the Americas and from Oceania to the Middle East. MiB faculty are likewise comprised of scholars and practitioners who are based not only at Rikkyo but also come to us from leading institutions throughout the world.
Admission Information
Admission Capacity 10 per year
Application Type Open to everyone
Eligibility Applicants must satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

1. Have graduated or be due to graduate from an officially recognized Japanese university by September 19, 2015.

2. Have been awarded or due to be awarded a Bachelor Degree by a qualified educational institution in Japan by September 19, 2015.

3. Have graduated or be due to graduate from a university overseas by September 19, 2015. A “university” here refers to an educational institution overseas which is recognized as a university within the respective nation and meets the standards of a university as defined by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

4. Have completed specialized curriculum at a vocational school recognized by the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology after the date specified by the Minister, or be due to complete such by September 19, 2015.

5. Be designated by the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as eligible.

6. Be recognized, by Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business, to have attained academic competency that is equal to or surpasses the level of a university graduate and will be twenty two years of age or older by September 19, 2015.
Application Period January 12 to 29, 2016
Examination Type & Date Document Screening: February 5
Interview Examination: February 20
Presence in Japan Required for Screening Process No
Admission Fee 35,000 yen (application fee) + 450 yen (application handling charge)

As of December 19, 2015


University and program information, costs, dates, policies are subject to change; please confirm important facts with university admission personnel.