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Waseda University

Graduate School of Commerce

Doctoral Program

Established in 1953, the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Commerce allows students to investigate and research a self-selected research theme from international perspectives and conceptual theories. The program is structure so that students can complete their dissertation under the guidance of their research advisor. It is completed when the submitted dissertation is deemed sufficient to merit the conferment of a doctoral degree by the School.
To facilitate the obtainment of a doctoral degree, fundamental changes were made in 2005. This overhaul means that students are first required to obtain four points to fulfill the submission prerequisites, comprising three points from academic papers and one point from a presentation at an official academic conference. Also, seven steps for the submission schedule were set forth, beginning with the application to establish a thesis advisory committee, and ending with a final acceptance or rejection of the thesis. Defining these processes have resulted in a higher doctoral degree completion rate.
In the program, students are encouraged to further their own knowledge, and their creative and thinking skills. Moreover, under the guidance of their research advisor, students strive to acquire the necessary skills to become a proficient researcher who can generate independent and successive research.
In addition to receiving supervision, students participate in student research presentations, academic presentations, seminars, literature study, and field research. The results of these endeavors are widely disseminated through presentations at official academic conferences and publications in domestic and overseas academic journals.
Today, the school accepts an unprecedented number of international students and Japanese students returning to education after working. Moreover, there has been a rapid increase in the number of professional degree program graduate who are choosing to further their expertise. The program’s flexibility can accommodate such a wide variety of needs.

Degree Information
Degree Doctoral
Type of Degree Doctor of Commerce
Subject - Social Sciences (Business, Economics, Law, etc.)
Major Areas of Research Guidance:
- Management
- Marketing and International Business
- Finance and Insurance
- Accounting
- Theory and Quantitative Analysis
- Public Policy and History of Economics
Duration 3 years
Entry Date April 1, 2019
September 21, 2019
Location Waseda University, Waseda Campus, 1-6-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050
Area Kanto Region (Tokyo, etc.)
Postgraduate Program Started 1953
No. of Students 71
No. of Full and Part-Time Faculty Members 61
Tuition Fees First Semester: 429,750 yen + Second Semester: 228,750 yen
Additional Information The doctoral program will develop researchers and professors who can conduct research activities independently in their fields of specialization. These people will have the necessary advanced research capability and rich scholarly knowledge required as a base for engagement in advanced specialized occupations. Those who have been in the doctoral program for three years or more and have, after undergoing the required research guidance, passed the doctoral dissertation screening and the final exam, will receive a doctoral degree (commerce).

"Application Guide for the Doctoral Program at the Graduate School of Commerce September 2017/April 2018" will be updated in April 2018.
Contact Addressee: Graduate School of Commerce, Admissions Office
Phone: +81-(0)3-3202-4369
Fax: +81-(0)3-5273-4371
Admission Information
Admission Capacity Limited
Application Type Open to everyone
Eligibility Applicants must fulfill one of the following requirements:
(1) Holders of a Master's Degree, Professional Master's Degree, or Professional Doctoral Degree in Law or those who are scheduled to receive such degree before the date of admission.
(2) A Master's degree holder or a person who expects to obtain the degree at a foreign university before the date of admission.
(3) Those designated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in Japan.
(4) Those who have completed postgraduate programs and received a degree equivalent to a Master’s Degree from United Nations University or those who are scheduled to receive such degree before the date of admission.
(5) Those who have been recognized by the GSC as possessing academic credentials superior to those of holders of a Master's Degree, Professional Master's Degree, or Doctoral Degree in Law through an individual entrance requirements screening process and are scheduled to reach 24 years of age before the date of admission.

* Please refer to the following website for further details regarding Qualification No.3.

* Applicants with questions regarding Qualifications No. 4 or 5 should contact the GSC Office by two weeks prior to the deadline.

* English Proficiency Scores submit compulsory.
Test score report(s) with lower score than designated minimum score is/are not accepted. Minimum score to be accepted application: TOEFL(iBT): 73, TOEFL(PBT): 533, TOEIC: 730, IELTS: 6.0
Score is valid for 2 years. The issue date must be within 2 years before the first date of application term.
Application Period <For September 2019 Admission>
May 20 (Monday) to May 24 (Friday), 2019

<For April 2020 Admission>
November 25 (Monday) to November 29 (Friday), 2019
Examination Type & Date For September 2019 Admission
<First screening>
Screening method: Written examination
Date: June 29, 2019 (Saturday)
<Second screening>
Screening method: Oral examination
Date: June 30, 2019 (Sunday)

For April 2020 Admission
<First screening>
Screening method: Written examination
Date: January 30, 2020 (Thursday)
<Second screening>
Screening method: Oral examination
Date: January 31, 2020 (Friday)
Presence in Japan Required for Screening Process Yes
1st: Written examination, 2nd: Oral Examination
Both the1st screening and the 2nd screening are scheduled to be held in Waseda Campus, Tokyo
Admission Fee foreign remittance: 32,500 yen
Credit: 30,000yen

As of February 6, 2019


University and program information, costs, dates, policies are subject to change; please confirm important facts with university admission personnel.