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Yokohama National University

Graduate School of International Social Sciences

Doctoral Program in Transnational Law and Policy

The Doctoral Program in Transnational Law and Policy is designed to provide students with legal knowledge and practical skills needed for work in international organizations and transnational civil society organizations in various areas of global policy making.

Degree Information
Degree Doctoral
Type of Degree Doctor of Laws, Doctor of International and Business Law or Doctor of Philosophy
Subject - Social Sciences (Business, Economics, Law, etc.)
Major International and Business Law
Duration Three years
Entry Date October 1, 2024
Location 79-4 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama 240-8501, Japan
Area Kanto Region (Tokyo, etc.)
Postgraduate Program Started October, 2013
No. of Students 9
No. of Full and Part-Time Faculty Members 23
Tuition Fees Admission Fee 282,000; Annual Tuition Fee: 535,800 yen
Additional Information Graduates of the Doctoral Program in Transnational Law and Policy will receive the skills necessary to conduct leading-edge research and publish research in leading academic journals at international conferences (both academic and policy-oriented). They will also have the opportunity to acquire high-level research skills in various methods of empirical and theoretical analysis so as to enable them to produce policy-oriented papers.
Scholarship Information: The Japanese Government (MEXT) offers scholarships (monthly stipend of 148,000 yen for 2016) and international travel expenses for international students who study in higher educational institutions selected by the recommendation of:
(1) a Japanese embassy or consulate general (Embassy Recommendation);
(2) the Japanese university in which the student is currently enrolled if he/she is privately financed and already studying in Japan (Domestic Selection);
(3) the Japanese university which will accept the student (University Recommendation).
Scholarship Information: For specific requirements for the designated MEXT scholarship (University Recommended), please refer to the application guidelines on the website below.
Contact Graduate School Affairs Office
Tel/Fax +81-45-339-3659/3665
Admission Information
Admission Capacity Limited
Application Type Open to everyone
Eligibility Please read the section “Ⅰ. Eligibility for Application” in pages 3-4 of the application guide.
Application Period
Examination Type & Date
Presence in Japan Required for Screening Process No
Admission Fee 5,000 yen

As of August 10, 2023


University and program information, costs, dates, policies are subject to change; please confirm important facts with university admission personnel.