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Akita International University

Type of Institution Established No. of Students
Public 2004 876

Akita International University, AIU, is a four-year liberal arts university located in Akita prefecture in the Tohoku region of northern Japan.
Public university corporation established in April 2004 by the local prefectural government.
Offers bachelor's degrees in Global Business, Global Studies, and Global Connectivity Program, and master's degrees in English Language Teaching, Japanese Language Teaching, and Global Communication Practices.
The undergraduate program at AIU offers all subject matter courses taught in English, only, the first program in Japan to do so. Foreign language courses in five languages as well as Japanese for speakers of other languages are offered in part in the target language.
Non-native English speaking students are prepared for use of English in the classroom through our intensive English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program.
Available student activities include 47 student clubs (as of AY 2022), community outreach, and local immersion activities.
88% on-campus housing for Japanese and international students bringing students from various backgrounds into direct contact and maximizing the benefit of international living as well as studying.

Many international students
Small class size
Location Okutsubakidai, Yuwa Tsubakigawa, Akita-shi 010-1292, Japan
No. of Undergraduate Students 803
No. of Graduate Students 73
No. of Full-Time Faculty Members 57
No. of International Students 168
Breakdown of International Student Numbers by Country Number of Exchange Students (168)
Brunei: 1
China (Hong Kong): 5
Korea: 3
Singapore: 2
Taiwan: 7
Thailand: 5
Denmark: 2
Estonia: 1
Finland: 5
France: 10
Germany: 4
Hungary: 1
Ireland: 1
Lithuania: 1
Netherlands: 8
Norway: 3
Poland: 1
Portugal: 4
Russia: 4
Slovakia: 1
Slovenia: 2
Spain: 2
Sweden: 3
Switzerland: 1
U.K.: 6
Canada: 6
U.S.A.: 70
Peru: 1
Australia: 6
New Zealand: 2
No. of Countries with Exchange Agreements 51
Individual University Scholarships
International Student Dormitories
Japanese Language Education Services
Consultation Room
International Student Associations
Career Support Yes
Contact Addressee: Admissions Office
Phone: +81-18-886-5931

As of October 3, 2023


University and program information, costs, dates, policies are subject to change; please confirm important facts with university admission personnel.